associate Membership

Volunteering helps breed a sense of pride and ownership of the community and helps offer purpose to the day."
- Matthew Heebner

Associate Members are those who assist the fire company and the community without responding to emergency calls. There’s a lot of work needed to keep Aetna’s operations up and running smoothly, including accounting, fundraising, event planning, and much more.

If you’re interested in helping us through some of these “behind the scenes” tasks, please let us know when you sign up to volunteer what kinds of projects you want to take on. At Aetna, there’s a place for everyone who wants to serve!

Hear it from our members on why serving your community with Aetna is so worthwhile:

"Our motto ‘Service for Others’ is an important part of everything that we do." - Jeff Sands

“It's the commitment and social setting that gives us meaning. We do something every day to help our citizens." - Gene Niland

"Aetna members are made up of a variety of different backgrounds and the membership helps one another with needs." - Jon Townley

“It actually feels like a family.” – Tyler Stern

We need you to serve your community and save lives.