Live-In FAQ

What are the requirements to be a live-in at Aetna?

Live-in members are required to have previous firefighting experience, Pro Board FF1 and Pro Board FF2 or state equivalents are recommended.  Each applicant's prior training will be assessed to see if it fits our needs.  Live-in members are also required to be in school full-time or have full-time employment or both a part time job and be in school part time.  Live-ins are also required to attend the Orientation weekend training and also attend in-company fire school training at least twice a month.

How many hours are live-ins expected to staff the station?

Live-in participants are required to provide fire apparatus staffing a minimum of 120 hours

a month. This will be done through scheduled shifts, with the overall schedule be set by the

Chief. The current schedule is ten 12-hour shifts, either daytime (0600-1800) or overnight


What is provided for live-ins?

Live-ins are provided housing in townhouses located across the street and include a common room, shared bathroom, washer/dryer, full kitchen, and private bedroom. This will also include:

Do you have EMS live-ins?

At this time the live-in program is utilized to increase staffing on our fire apparatus only. 

How long is the live-in contract?

The live-in contract runs from June 1st to May 31st of the next year.  Live-ins may re-apply to live in the next year if they continue to meet the requirements of the program and be re-interviewed. 

Do I have to be a University of Delaware student to be a live-in?

Live-ins may either be a full-time student or have a full-time job anywhere in the area, or a combination of both part-time. While some of our live-ins are students at the University of Delaware due to our location, it is not a requirement of the program. 

Do live-in firefighters at Aetna also help with medical emergencies, or just fires? 

While on shift, Aetna Live-Ins are expected to respond to emergency calls for service which may include but are not limited to fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, car accidents, car fires, structure fires, and medical calls. Aetna Live-ins are not required to complete shifts on the ambulance. 

What kind of training do you get as a live-in firefighter? 

Aetna HHL offers a plethora of training opportunities. All classes taken at DSFS (Delaware State Fire School) are paid for entirely by the company, as well as a case by case basis for outside instruction. Regularly scheduled live-in training takes place while on shift, as well as a group training every month. Live-ins are required to attend two company sponsored Fire Schools a month (I.e.;Wed night fire schools, Live burns, daytime training classes, etc.) 

Can you still apply if you have firefighter certifications from somewhere else, or does it have to be in Delaware? 

Applicants may have certifications from anywhere in the country, as long as they are Pro Board Certified or obtained within the state of Delaware. Each applicant’s certifications will be reviewed upon interview.