Live-In FAQ

What are the requirements to live-in at Aetna?

Live-In members are expected to have previous firefighting experience, Pro Board FF1 and Pro Board FF2 or state equivalents are recommended. Each applicants prior training will be assessed to see if it fits our needs. Live-In members are also required to be in school full time or have a full time job or both a part time job and be in school part time. Live-Ins are also required to attend the Live-In orientation weekend training and also attend in-company fire school training at least twice a month.

How many hours are live-ins expected to staff the station?

100 Hours per month are required, though many live-ins choose to volunteer additional hours each month.

What is provided for live-ins?

  • Uniforms

  • Turnout Gear

  • Training

  • Housing

  • Utilities

  • Live-in group excursions

Do you have EMS live-ins?

At this time the live-in program is utilized to increase staffing on our fire apparatus only.

How long is the live-in contract?

The live-in contract runs from July 1st to June 30th of the next year. Live-ins may re-apply to live in the next year if they continue to meet the requirements of the program.

Do I have to be a University of Delaware student to be a live-in?

While many of our live-ins are student at the University of Delaware due to our location, it is not a requirement of the program. Live-ins may either be a full time student or have a full time job anywhere in the area.