Active Membership

"The time you give can save a life!"
- Elizabeth Bradish

Active Members respond to emergency calls to provide fire, rescue, and medical services. They also help alongside Associate Members in non-emergency operations of the fire department.

No prior experience in emergency services is required! Aetna can and will train you in multiple skills, including firefighting, EMS, vehicle rescue, hazardous materials, and CPR. Volunteers will also be provided with bunker gear and firefighting equipment at no cost.

Hear it from our members on what you can gain as an Aetna active fire volunteer:

"This is your chance to help others in a respected profession. It will make you very confident that you can handle serious emergencies when no one else can." - Sam Palermo

"Aetna is a very busy company. Volunteers will get experience." - Matthew Chamberlain

"I refined my firefighting skills and leadership ability with Aetna, which enabled me to excel in my career department." - Andrew Cavanaugh

"Aetna is a great place to come learn something new and exciting. Aetna will give you the tools to become a better firefighter and person." - Matt Creek

“Volunteering at Aetna is life changing. Aetna is a leading agency when it comes to tactics and trainings while still maintaining the tight-knit family aspect. Members have gone on to become successful in almost every type of career because of the experience and skills learned here.” – Erin Browne

We need you to serve your community and save lives.