Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company

A Private 501(c)(3) Fire & EMS Company

Serving the Greater Newark Community since 1888


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Upcoming Events

Big Red Truck Pull

Grab your strongest friends and team up for the ultimate tug of war challenge! Teams of 10 will compete for time as they pull a fully loaded 20-ton fire truck down Academy Street in downtown Newark.

This first-of-its-kind Newark event promises to be exciting and fun for all ages!

Prizes will be awarded to the fastest all male, all female and co-ed teams. A special award will be given to the team that raises the most money.

All proceeds benefit Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company, a fire and EMS company that’s served the greater Newark community for 135 years.

Aetna extends a challenge to our mutual aid companies to participate.

Sun April 28, 2024 

Get your team together and Click the image for further information and to enter the competition!

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24 Working  Alarms

5 Entrapment

916 Fire Calls

2392 EMS Calls

(as of 3/31/2024)


81 Working Alarms

22 Entrapment

3749 Fire Calls

9498 EMS Calls


49 Working  Alarms

33 Entrapments

3,323 Fire Calls

9,720 EMS Calls


51 Working Alarms

22 Entrapments

3,232 Fire Calls

9,758 EMS Calls


58 Working Alarms

26 Entrapments

2,984 Fire Calls

8742 EMS Calls