2021 Probationary Member Orientation Dates

February 20 - 21

April 17 - 18

June 12 - 13

September 18 - 19

November 6 - 7

Active Membership. Active members respond to emergency calls to provide fire, rescue, and medical services. In addition to their role as responders, many Active Members serve administrative functions of the company and assist with the non-emergency operations of the fire department. These functions are described below in “Associate Membership,” but these functions are performed by active members, also. Many members joined Aetna Hose Hook and Ladder Company with no Firefighting or EMS experience. If you bring an interest in helping your community and a willingness to learn, here’s what we provide:

  • Training (CPR, Firefighting, Vehicle Rescue, Hazardous Materials, EMS and more)

  • Personal Protective Equipment (Bunker Gear / Fire-Fighting Equipment)

Associate Membership is an option for members of our community who are interested in serving the fire company and the community but are not interested in responding on emergency incidents. Associate members work on the non-emergency operations and administration of the department. There are many aspects to running a fire company in addition to emergency responses.

A few examples: Fundraising, Recruiting, Building Maintenance, Project Management, Website and Technology work, Accounting, Marketing, Community Outreach and Fire Prevention.

We ask that people applying for associate membership outline the types of projects they are interested in helping out with.

Live-in Program The Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company now offers a live-in program. The program is an opportunity available to college students or other interested individuals. In exchange for being available for responses a set number of hours per week, attending training, and performing other tasks as needed, live-ins are provided with free housing. Currently our department rents a townhouse across the street from Station 9 for our live-ins. If you are interested in being an active participant in a busy fire and EMS department, this is the opportunity for you! Applications are accepted for the live-in program each year for the four positions.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The State of Delaware is currently offering free State background checks for prospective fire company members. In order to have the fee waived you will need a copy of the waiver which can be obtained by emailing reviewboard@aetnahhl.org. You will still be required to pay for a Federal background check. Please have your fingerprints done at the same time you request your state background. You will then mail your fingerprint card, payment and national background application form to the FBI. Additional instructions can be found at the link below.