Fire Officers

Fire line officers are elected to position by the membership of the company. Requirements of time in the company, training, and run status must be met to be eligible for the different positions. The fire service reflects a para-military hierarchical structure and the officers of the company are no exception.

Officers are assigned call-signs, like apparatus, to use in radio transmissions. The first number represents the station they are assigned to (with the exception of the Chief, Station 9 is simply where the offices are located). The second number, 8, is reference to a chief officer, and the letter is representative of their level.

Chief of the Department


Andrew Bowerson

Andrew Bowerson currently holds the position of Fire Chief. He was elected to this position in 2015. Prior to being elected Aetna's Fire Chief, Andrew worked his way through the ranks and has held the positions of EMS Lieutenant, Engine Captain, 2nd Assistant Chief, 1st Assistant Chief and Deputy Fire Chief. During his 21 years at Aetna, Andrew has been a Fire Line Officer for 16 of those years. Andrew previously served as a Director for the New Castle County Chiefs Association.

Station 7 Officers


Deputy 7

Steve Debold

Deputy Chief Debold joined Aetna in 1993, he has a variety of certifications including Firefighter I & II, Fire Instructor I, Fire Officer I & II, Blue Card incident Command, and Emergency Medical Responder as well as numerous other DSFS courses. He has previously held the positions of EMS Lieutenant, Captain, 2nd Assistant Chief, 1st Asst, and Director. He is currently employed by New Castle County 911 as a Telecommunicator II - Fire/medical.



Jeff Sands

Assistant Chief Sands has been a member of the Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Company since 2011. He has completed a wide variety of training in fire suppression and rescue including Firefighter I and II, Fire Instructor I, Swiftwater Rescue Technician I, Blue Card Incident Command, National Fire Academy Safety Officer, and Fire Officer I. Jeff has an extensive EMS background and is a past coordinator of the University of Delaware Emergency Care Unit (UDECU). He has been an EMT since 2008 and is a Field Training Officer. Jeff previously worked as a Sergeant for St. Francis EMS in Wilmington and as a career firefighter/EMT with the Mill Creek Fire Company and then the Christiana Fire Company.


Captain 7

Jeffrey Demicco

Captain Demicco joined Aetna in 2009 while attending University of Delaware. He has completed Delaware State Fire School training in fire suppression and other rescue skills and holds his Pro-Board certification as a Firefighter I.


7 Captain 1

Alex Ciolek

Captain Alex Ciolek has been with Aetna since April 2013. He was appointed Captain at station 7 for a 1 year term in January 2018. Alex is a Graduate Student at the University of Delaware currently working on his Masters in Business Administration, having completed his Bachelors in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Political Communication at the University of Delaware in 2016. Alex holds Pro Board certifications in Firefighter I & II, Fire Officer I & II , Instructor I, and hazmat Technician. He is also an EMT and Swiftwater Technician.

station 8 Officers


Deputy 8

John Guzzo

Deputy Chief John Guzzo began his volunteer fire career in 1990 as a junior member of the Hockessin Fire Company, where he is currently a life member. John started with Aetna as a ride-a-long in college and officially joined in 1999. In addition to his service as a firefighter, EMT and line officer John is a past board member of the department.

John manages several functions for the department, including overseeing the probationary member process and training program. John is responsible for Station 8. In addition, John serves as a lead instructor for the department's Tractor Drawn Aerial (ladder) driving class.

John holds certifications as a Nationally Registered EMT, NFPA FF I/II, Fire Instructor I, Fire Officer I/II, Swift Water Technician and in Blue Card Incident Command. John has a BA from Widener University and is currently working on a master’s degree from the University of Delaware.



Patrick Fleming


Captain 8

Tyler Bailey

Responsible for Rescue 8


8 Captain 1

Brandon Mohler

Responsible for Engine 8

Station 9 Officers


Deputy 9

A.J. Schall

Deputy Chief Schall has been a member since 1999. He has held numerous roles including Captain, Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief, and Chief of the Department. Deputy Chief Schall is currently the Director of the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA).



Dave Bailey


Captain 9

James Farley

Responsible for Ladder 9


9 Captain 1

Andrew Happer

Responsible for Engine 9 and Squad 9

Station 10 Officers


Deputy 10

Patricia Fox



Donald Clemens Jr

Assistant Chief Clemens Started his Fire Service Career with Brandywine Hundred Fire Co. in 1994. He came to Aetna in 2002 while working for Singerly Fire Co. of Elkton, MD . In 2004 he was hired by the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department in Fairfax County , Va . He is currently serves that department as a Firfighter/ Paramedic at the rank of Master Technician and still resides in Newark, De. Assistant Chief Clemens holds the following certificates: NREMT-P, Fire Instructor I, Fire Officer I, FF I/II , Swiftwater Technician and numerous other training hours from MIFRI and DSFS.


Captain 10

Barry Peña




Jim Lemon

Safety OFficers


Brian Berkley


Ed Klima


Walter Meredith