EMS Officers

Deputy of EMS

EMS Deputy 9

Amy Fitzgerald

EMS Deputy Fitzgerald is originally from Hillsdale, NJ. She graduated from the University of Delaware in 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering. She is currently working as a Highway Engineer for a Newark design firm.

EMS Deputy Fitzgerald joined Aetna in 2006 and became a NREMT-B and Delaware EMT-B in 2007. She has previously served as a Lieutenant for two years at Aetna, and as EMS Captain for 2 years.

EMS Captain

EMS Captain 9

Chris Zistl

EMS Captain Chris Zistl joined the company in 1993, and has been a member for 25 years. He has held the previous position of EMS Lieutenant, and also served on the Aetna Review Board. He is currently an engine/rescue driver, swiftwater rescue technician, and EMT. Chris has an Associate’s Degree in Fire Protection Engineering, and currently works at Bank of America.


Lieutenant 7

Aubrey Eveland


Lieutenant 8

Kelsey Patnaude


Lieutenant 9

McKenzie Schurman

EMS Lieutenant Schurman is originally from Newark, Delaware. She is currently a senior at the University of Delaware studying Medical Diagnostics with a Pre-Physician Assistant Concentration. She hopes to one day attend graduate school to become a Physician Assistant.

EMS Lieutenant Schurman joined Aetna in the 2018 and became an NREMT-B and Delaware EMT-B that same year. She is a field training officer and is also active as an interior firefighter at Aetna. EMS Lieutenant Schurman is also on the board for the Aetna company store. This is her first year as an EMS Lieutenant and she hopes to serve more years as an EMS officer.