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Fire Line Officers

Chief of the Department

Andrew Bowerson

Station 7

Deputy Chief
Deputy 7
Steve Debold

About Deputy 7

Assistant Chief
Jeff Sands

About 78-B

Captain 7
Andrew Paulus

About Captain 7



7 Captain 1
Jeffrey Demicco

About 7 Captain 1

Station 8


Deputy Chief
Deputy 8
John Guzzo

About Deputy 8

Assistant Chief
Patricia Fox

About 88-B

Captain 8
Tyler Bailey

About Captain 8


8 Captain 1
Brandon Mohler

About 8 Captain 1

Station 9

Deputy Chief
Deputy 9
A.J. Schall

About Deputy 9

Assistant Chief
Dave Bailey

About 98-B

Ladder Captain
Captain 9
James Farley

About Captain 9

Engine Captain
9 Captain 1
Andrew Happer

About 9 Captain 1

Station 10

Deputy Chief
Deputy 10
Brian Hendricks

About Deputy 10

Assistant Chief
Position Vacant

About 108-B

Captain 10
Donald Clemens

About Captain 10

10 Captain 1
Patrick Fleming

About 10 Captain 1

Chief Engineer

Jim Lemon

Safety Officers

Safety 7

About Safety Officer

Safety 8
Brian Berkley

About Safety Officer Berkley

Safety 9
Ed Klima

Deputy Chief of EMS

EMS Deputy 9
Amy Fitzgerald

Fire line officers are elected to position by the membership of the company. Requirements of time in the company, training, and run status must be met to be eligible for the different positions. The fire service reflects a para-military hierarchical structure and the officers of the company are no exception.

Officers are assigned call-signs, like apparatus, to use in radio transmissions. The first number represents the station they are assigned to (with the exception of the Chief, Station 9 is simply where the offices are located). The second number, 8, is reference to a chief officer, and the letter is representative of their level.