Aetna Hose Hook & Ladder

Past Ambulance/EMS Captains & EMS Deputies

1969 Don Rutherford
1970-71 Richard A. Pyle
1972-73 George MyCock
1974 James Stoudt
1975 James Evans
1976 Carl Sasser
1977 Karl Hitchens
1978-79 William Dice
1980 Eugene Niland
1981-82 Dave White
1983-89 Ralph Rose
1990-91 Walter Meredith
1992 Richard Holland
1993-96 Brian Hendricks
1997 Missy Weyl
1998 Brian Hendricks
1999-2001 John P. Murphy
2002-2009 Christopher A. Johnson
2010Ann Gillespie
2011Jon Townley
2012-14Arman Fardanesh

This list of our previous EMS leadership is an archived work in progress. If any of the information is incorrect OR you have knowledge of Past Ambulance Captains dated prior to the list, please email Christopher Johnson at so that we are able to post the most accurate information.