Fire Recorder

Sam Palermo

Departmental Responsibilities
Track & Record Fire Statistics

Sam is currently a Life Member, joining Aetna in 1977, after 13 years with Minquas in Newport [Sta. 23]. He has been an active member since joining, holding the office of Assistant Chief  [78-B] from 2001 until 2006 and Fire recorder since 2007. Sam also served on the By-laws committee and Review Board. Sam has conducted probationary training and helped revise the Aetna probie manual. 

Currently, Sam is a haz mat instructor at the DSFS, since 1973 and currently operates with both the county decon team and the county haz mat team. He is also an engine driver  and operates out of Station 7. Sam designed the "Junkyard Dog" patch and wall logo at Station 7.