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Working Fire in Kimberton

posted Feb 19, 2011, 12:38 PM by Charles Mitchell   [ updated Feb 23, 2011, 8:05 AM ]

At 1926 hrs on January 23, 2011 Stations 7,8,9,10 along with Christiana, Cranston Heights, Mill Creek and Belvedere for the R.I.T. assignment were alerted to a Multi-residential fire. Fireboard relayed NCC Police were on scene reporting this would be a working incident. Deputy 8 (Schumacher) arrived onscene, confirmed the conditions, and established command. Deputy 8 found the front of a two story wood frame middle of the row townhome fully involved. 9-3's crew pulled a 200 ft preconnect and started the initial attack. 12-6 arrived and pulled a 400 ft attack line to the rear of the structure. 8-2 (A/C Straub) arrived, laid a supply line and was instructed to assist with an interior attack. As crews were making entry, 98-B (A/C Schall) determined that the floor was compromised and that it was not safe to make entry and relayed this information to command. 9-8 (Chief Hendricks) arrived on scene and assumed command. Due to conditions in the building it was determined an exterior attack would be best. Crews remained on scene extinguishing the fire. The incident was placed under control by 9-8 at 20:17 hrs. Crews cleared the scene at 23:11 hrs.

Units on scene: 9-8, Deputy 8, 9-3, 8-2, Rescue 8, 10-5, 10-0, 7-4, Sqrt 7, Ladder 9, A10, Fire police, Christiana, Mill Creek, Cranston Heights, Belvedere, NCC Police, Delaware State Fire Marshal

Above Photos by J. Jankowski