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White Clay Creek State Park Rescue

posted Sep 2, 2016, 2:16 PM by Jeffrey Sands, Assistant Chief 7-8B
Chief Bowerson received the following letter about an emergency response on August 30, 2016:

"My wife Pam Cavanagh was injured in the Middle Run day use area off Possum Hollow Rd on Tuesday mountain biking. She sustained significant injuries unknown at the time but I was sure were some fractures. I sent my 8 year old grandson to get help and he returned with a young man also mountain biking. We called 911 and the young man explained where we were as I was unsure being new to the trail systems. EMS arrived and then came your fire department employees.  She needed to be boarded and collared and carried out with heavy rescue equipment.   Probably 1/4 mile over uneven ground.  Then off to the helicopter. Ifelt helpless at the time and needed help. I will never forget the professionalism displayed by everyone helping us. In today's workplace employees are continually told of errors and mistakes but not enough praise for a good job.

They say nothing is more important than family and we all will probably agree with that. But there are things just as important.  Groups and  institutions that exist to help others.  The Newark Fire Department is one of those groups. I want to thank all who helped us. We are eternally grateful." -Norman Price and Pamela Cavanagh

Responding units included Aetna Basic Life Support Ambulances, Ladder 9, Chief 9-8, New Castle County EMS, and Delaware State Police Aviation Trooper 4.

"Service for Others"