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Tornado Strikes Newark

posted Jun 23, 2013, 5:06 PM by Charles Mitchell   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 3:06 PM ]
On June 10th storms were expected to be coming through the Newark area off and on all day.  Some of the storms were predicted to be severe and the National Weather Service had issued a tornado watch for most of the Tri-State area.  Before the day was through, Aetna's district would receive the brunt of these storms.  Just before 5PM Fire Board issued an All Call Alert to all companies advising that possible tornadic activity had been reported in the Glasgow area.  Within minutes after that alert, Aetna began receiving multiple alarms in the district.  Many of the initial alarms were for numerous reports of wires down in the Robscott Manor neighborhood.  As the first units began to arrive, they soon found out that they were faced with much more than just wires down.  Companies found numerous large trees down on houses and cars, and debris scattered throughout the neighborhood.  Deputy 9 soon arrived an established a command post.  He then requested assistance from the New Castle County Office of Emergency Management.  Crews from EMS 9, Ambulances A-7 and A-8, Engines 7-4 and 9-3, and Ladder 9 began the task of going street to street and house to house to check for any injuries and assess hazards.  Fortunately no injuries were found, but there were multiple houses with structural damage including 6 or 7 with major structural damage.  Once OEM-1 arrived, crews assisted with obtaining information from affected residents as to what assistance they were going to need.  Aetna crews operated at the scene for approximately 2 1/2 hours before the incident was turned over to NCCOEM.  It was later confirmed by the National Weather Service that an EF-0 tornado had touched down in Robscott.  Aetna crews were also assisted by New Castle County Police, Delmarva Power, and Delaware Department of Transportation while they were on scene.  Additionally crews from Brush 7-0, Squrt 7, Engine 8-2, and Engine 10-5 handled multiple other alarms in the district during this time, with some of those being structural damage from the same storm in other neighborhoods.

Thank you to all the members and assisting agencies that helped out during this significant event.