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Special Training Opportunity

posted Feb 10, 2012, 3:23 PM by Charles Mitchell

On February 1st Aetna had the great opportunity to use a commercial building on Cleveland Avenue for company training.  Matt Slap Subaru purchased the building and was preparing it for demolition.  Personnel from Aetna were able to use the building for vertical ventilation (ventilating by cutting into the roof during a fire, forcible entry (used to gain access into fire buildings) and to breach masonry walls (used to escape buildings when faced with adverse conditions that block the primary method of egress).  All members learned a lot, had fun and went home tired.  A big thank you to Eve Slap owner of Matt Slap Subaru for their support of Aetna.

If other home or business owners are approved for and preparing their property for demolition and would be interested in sharing their property for fire company training, please contact Deputy Chief AJ Schall at 302.893.2512.  You can restrict the activities you allow us to perform, and we (Aetna HHL Co) will sign a waiver if you allow us to use your property.  Thanks again to Matt Slap Subaru for your support of your local fire department!