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Residential Fire on Welsh Tract Road

posted Feb 24, 2011, 11:40 AM by Charles Mitchell   [ updated Mar 2, 2011, 1:49 PM by ]
On Feb 4th, Stations 7,8,9,10 (Aetna), Engine 12 (Christiana), Engine 3 (Singlerly) were alerted for the house fire on Welsh Tract Rd.  As units started to respond, Fireboard stated that they were upgrading the assignment to a working alarm.  This brought Rescue 2 (Chesapeake City) for the RIT, New Castle County Paramedics, and the Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office. 

Deputy 10 (D/C Debold) arrived on scene and reported fire from the second floor. Fireboard advised that a caller was reporting that one individual was unaccounted for. First arriving engine 9-5 (Daniels) pulled a 200 ft attack line to the second floor and began the primary search. Due to this being an non-hydrant area, additional tankers were called for water supply. 12-6 (Christiana) arrived, pulled an additional hose line to the first floor which was now involved as well. With water in short, and the report from interior crews of a compromised floor, command had crews withdrawn and an exterior attack was ordered. A water shuttle was established, and after several tanks of water from other arriving engines, crews were able to control the fire enough in order to make an interior attack. The completed primary search of the 2nd floor regretibly found one victim still inside the structure. Command placed the situation under control, and remained onscene for several hours assisting the DSFMO with their investigation. Crews cleared the scene at 10:02.

Units responding: 9-5, 7-4, R-8, Tower 27, 27-5, Tanker 19, R-14, 30-6, CE 371, Deputy 8 (D/C Schumacher), Deputy 10 (D/C Debold), 88B (A/C Straub), UD-1 (University of Delaware EMS), A-3, B-9, A-8, DSFMO, NCC Paramedics