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Pit-Crew CPR CEU Dinner

posted Sep 19, 2014, 7:03 PM by Charles Mitchell
On Wednesday, September 17th, Aetna hosted a “Pit Crew CPR” CEU dinner presented by Scott Kier, NR-P.  In attendance were approximately 90 people from across New Castle County, representing in addition to Aetna:  NCC*EMS, St. Francis Hospital, Minquas Fire Company, Delaware State Police Avaition, UDECU, Wilmington Manor Fire Company, Five Points Fire Company, Cranston Heights Fire Company.

In order to have effective “pit crew,” or “high-performance” CPR, ALL involved must work as a team, not as separate entities, much like a pit crew would during NASCAR.  In order to achieve this goal, HP CPR must start at the top and be endorsed by both EMS Leadership and Medical Direction, a drive we’ve already seen in Delaware.  Cardiovascular disease is the single greatest cause of death in the United States. Each year upwards of a quarter of a million persons receive attempted resuscitation from cardiac arrest by Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The prognosis for the majority of these arrests remains poor.  Quality CPR is a means to improve survival from cardiac arrest. Scientific studies demonstrate when CPR is performed according to guidelines, the chances of successful resuscitation increase substantially. Minimal breaks in compressions, full chest recoil, adequate compression depth, and adequate compression rate are all components of CPR that can increase survival from cardiac arrest. Together, these components combine to create high performance CPR (HP CPR).