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Pit-Crew CPR CEU Dinner

posted Aug 8, 2014, 12:17 PM by Charles Mitchell   [ updated Aug 8, 2014, 12:58 PM ]
High-performance, or "pit-crew" CPR is a methodology to improve the rate of cardiac arrest survivals.  Studies have shown that when CPR is performed according to this set of guidelines, the chance of successful resuscitation substantially increases.

Although not yet published, the next update to the Delaware BLS Protocols includes the performance of "high-quality" / "high-performance" / "pit-crew" CPR as part of the cardiac arrest protocol.

As we see both a local and national shift in focus on increasing percentages of successful cardiac arrest outcomes, we are thrilled to offer a presentation of this procedure, as it is something you will see implemented not only at Aetna, but soon throughout the state and across the country.

Anyone certified in CPR, EMTs and firefighters alike, please join us for a CEU dinner on Wednesday, September 17th, 1830 hours, at the Station 8 hall where Scott Kier, NR-P (NCC-EMS) will explain both the background behind this approach, and specifically, how we at Aetna will be expected to implement it.

Any questions, please contact Capt. Amy Fitzgerald at

Looking forward to a great turn-out on the 17th!