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MVC With Two Trapped

posted Aug 18, 2012, 12:20 PM by Charles Mitchell
On August 10th at 21:13 Aetna, along with NCC EMS Medic 6, was alerted for a MVC with entrapment at South College Avenue and Four Seasons Parkway.  Ambulance B-9 arrived a minute later, finding a three vehicle crash with one vehicle a few hundred feet from the initial point of impact.  It was soon determined that occupants in two of the vehicles would require extrication.  At this point Ambulances A-7 and A-8, Engines 7-4 and 9-5, Rescue 8, Christiana Fire Company Engine 3-6 (On the Road), and ALS 24 were all responding.  A 2nd Medic unit was also requested, which added Medic 3 to the response.  As units arrived, they split between the 2 vehicles with Deputy 9 taking command.  7-4 and Rescue 8 handled extrication on a pick-up truck, while 3-6 and 9-5 handled the extrication on an SUV.  The front passenger door from the SUV was removed and that extrication was completed at 21:25.  The driver door from the pick-up was removed, with that extrication being completed at 21:30.  Two additional ambulances (A-9 and B-6) were brought to the scene to assess the occupants from the 3rd vehicle, which had only sustained minor damage.  3 ALS patients were transported to Christiana ER by A-7, A-8, and B-9 with Medic 3 and Medic 6.  The occupants of the 3rd vehicle all refused service.  Command placed the incident under control at 21:35.  Crews remained on scene to clear debris before clearing at 21:53 and turning the scene over to Delaware State police.

Units on Scene: A-7, 7-4, A-8, Rescue 8, A-9, B-9, 9-5, 3-6, B-6, Medic 3, Medic 6, ALS 24, DSP, and Aetna Fire Police 

Story By: Asst. Chief Daniels