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MVC with Entrapment

posted Feb 2, 2014, 12:09 PM by Charles Mitchell   [ updated Feb 2, 2014, 12:10 PM ]
At 0233 on February 2, 2014, stations 7,8,9,10 and medic 3 were alerted to a MVC with entrapment on Possum Park Rd at Middle Run. 9-5 and A8 arrived on scene, confirming entrapment. Crews found a single vehicle, with one occupant, off the roadway with it's passenger side into a utility pole. 9-5's crew began preparing for extrication. Deputy 10 arrived on scene and command was transferred. 10-8B arrived on scene and was placed in charge of extrication.  R8 arrived and the crew disconnected the vehicle's battery.  10-5's driver placed a booster line in service.  Personnel from R8 and 10-5 assisted 9-5's crew with a door pop. Utilities were requested priority 2 for a split utility pole. Crews from A7, 9-5, R8 and 10-5 then assisted A8's crew with removing the patient from the vehicle and packaging for transport.  Extrication was marked complete at 0253. A8 and medic 3 initiated transport to Christiana Hospital. 

All were cleared by 0310.

Units on Scene: R8, 9-5, 10-5, A7, A8, New Castle County EMS, DSP, D10, 10-8B, Fire Police