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Engine 9-3 assists Singerly

posted Sep 18, 2014, 10:43 AM by Andrew Cavanaugh, Deputy 7   [ updated Sep 18, 2014, 10:48 AM ]

On the morning of September 15th Engine 9-3 responded to a reported duplex fire in Elkton with a crew of 4.  During firefighting operations a chimney fell and injured a firefighter.    FF Testa and FF Stombaugh happened to be on the porch roof and in the vicinity of the A/C from Susquehanna that got struck by the chimney.  FF Testa  stated they were on the porch roof with two other FFs (one from Rising Sun and one from Oxford) when they saw the downed FF.  FF Stombaugh quickly communicated to crews on the ground,  a mayday was called and requested a stokes basket. 


The crew  on the roof packaged the FF in the stokes basket and lowered via the roof ladder.  Secured by ropes FF Testa belayed the stokes down to an Elkton FF.  During this time Captain Paulus and FF Demicco stayed focused and continued suppression efforts. 


When talking to FF Testa and Stombaugh they both credited the RIT training that Aetna held and was instructed by Contact Front in March, as removing a downed FF from a roof was an evolution.  On behalf of the Officers and Members of Aetna we wish Assistant Chief Wayne Carroll a quick recovery and congratulate all the firefighters involved in this great team effort. 





A.J. Schall

Chief of the Department