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Aetna Pays Tribute to WTC Steel Traveling To The Baltimore Expo

posted Jul 28, 2011, 7:57 AM by Charles Mitchell
Fire Family Transport once again transported steel from the World Trade Center on July 23, 2011.

The group left NYC and drove down the NJ Turnpike to the Delaware Memorial Bridge; after a quick lunch break and re-fueling at Mike’s Famous, they were back on the road. Many of them were Red and Blue Knights, which are FF and Police bikers.

NPD and Aetna fire police assisted in completely shutting down I-95 SB from the bridge to the toll plaza at the State line, as well as escorting the group.

As is the tradition, whenever WTC steel passes through Delaware, Fire and EMS units man the overpasses. In our case in Newark, we had the Chief, the Duty Officer, and the EMS command Officer at the turn-around just south of the service area to welcome them to our district. One set of firefighter’s gear and one set of officer’s gear was placed in front of the vehicles to symbolize the twin towers and honor the sacrifices made. 

All members came to attention and saluted as the procession rolled by.  Truckers coming NB on I-95 would blow their air horns as they passed underneath the overpasses.

All overpasses in our district were manned, and several civilians also stopped to watch and take pictures.

The steel was going to the annual Fire Expo in Baltimore to  mark the 10th anniversary of the attacks, with a memorial service planned for Sunday morning.

Photos Courtesy A. Fardanesh & D. Wilson