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A Busy Week for Aetna Crews

posted Dec 7, 2015, 8:37 AM by Jeffrey Sands, Assistant Chief 7-8B   [ updated Dec 7, 2015, 9:00 AM ]
On the morning of 12/3/2015, Aetna crews were dispatched to South Chapel Street and Kensington Lane for an MVC.  Ambulance A-7  arrived on scene to find one subject trapped.  Crews from Rescue 8 and 9-5 removed a door to access the patient and A-7 transported to CER.  Deputy Chief Cavanaugh had Newark Command.
Units Responded: Rescue 8, 9-5, A-7, and B-9.


On the evening of 12/4/2015, Aetna along with NCC*EMS and University of Delaware BLS UD-1 were dispatched to 507 Thompson Station Road for an MVC with entrapment.  Rescue 8, 9-5, and 7-4 all made the response and 1 patient was removed from a heavily damaged vehicle for transport.  Deputy Chief Cavanaugh had Newark Command.
Units Responded: 9-8, Deputy 8, Rescue 8, 9-5, 7-4, A-8, B-9, Medic 3, and Trooper 4.


Early in the morning of 12/6/2015, Aetna was dispatched to assist the Singerly Fire Company of Elkton, MD with a structure fire.  Cecil County Truck 1 (Cecilton Fire Company) was covering Newark during our annual awards banquet and made the response.  They arrived first due to find a fully involved church.  The 2nd alarm response brought a response from 3 states and crews operated for several hours.  Photos courtesy of the Singerly Fire Company.  Thank you to Cecilton for the coverup!


One the afternoon of 12/6/2015, Aetna along with NCC*EMS and Trooper 4 were dispatched to 2470 Pulaski Highway for a long fall.  ALS 30 arrived on scene at a construction site and requested a response from the High Angle and Confined Space Rescue (HACSR) Team for a patient still on the roof.  This request brought an additional response from Aetna as well as the Christiana Fire Company, and Brandywine Hundred Fire Company.  Crews utilized several ground ladders and a rope system to package the patient for removal from the roof.  The patient was flown to Christiana Hospital by Trooper 4 and Chief Schall had Newark Command.
Crews Responded: 9-8, 9-5, 7-4, 9-3, 6-6, Ladder 12, Tower 11, 11-1, UD-1, EMS 3, ALS 30, Medic 9, and Trooper 4.

On the evening of 12/6/2015, Aetna along with NCC*EMS were dispatched to I-95 Northbound in the area of Otts Chapel Road for an MVC with rollover.  Crews arrived to find a single vehicle that had rolled several times and initiated triage and patient care.  Engine 7-4 removed a door to facilitate patient access and 5 occupants of the vehicle were transported to CER.  Chief Schall had Newark Command.
Crews Responded: 9-8, 7-4, Rescue 8, B-9, A-7, A-10, Medic 6, and Lifenet.