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Hall Manager

Job Description - Hall Manager

July 15, 2014

This position reports directly to the company President.

Hall Manager: The Aetna Hose Hook & Ladder Company is in need of an employee to oversee the the Station 8 Hall. This position is to be known for its ability to manage and accomplishhall rentals, which will enhance the daily function and efficiency of the Aetna Hall.

You must be 21 years of age for this position. 

The following are some of the responsibilities associated with this position:

1. The effective operation of the hall and bar, including proper staffing during rentals & events.
2. Provide assistance and direction with ideas on the hall committee.
3. Document all phone calls, all contacts and all communications, i.e.: Names, dates, time, etc. 
4. Report to the President & Board of Directors all Hall activities on a monthly basis.
5. Report to the President & Treasurer all income & expense in the hall operation, including turning over to the Treasurer all excess funds in the Bar account.
6. Manage the repair and replacement of all kitchen equipment and small wares.
7. Manage the interior decoration and design of the hall.
8. Control the security and accountability of the company state liquor license & its requirements.
9. Manage & oversee all Aetna Station 8 Hall contracts for hall rentals.
10. Manage purchasing and accountability of a wide range of services, such as catering services, soft drink, candy, linens, oxygen, food & beverage, medical supplies, etc. 
11. Oversee the investigation, analysis, & selection of new venders and suppliers for materials and services for the Aetna Hall. 
12. Establish and manage Hall budgets and targets for the areas of responsibilities. 
13. Recommends to the Aetna President & Board ideas for cost reductions and income increases & implementation of these areas. 

This position will assume additional responsibilities over time at the direction of the Aetna President and Aetna Board of Directors. Standard Aetna benefits package will be included. Aetna Employee Handbook will be included. 

Resumes may be submitted by Mail to 

Aetna Hose Hook & Ladder Co.
Attn: Jon Townley, President
P.O. Box 148
Newark, De 19715-0148

or by email to

Members of Aetna HH&L and Aetna Ladies Auxiliary will be given priority.