Aetna Hose Hook & Ladder

Emergency Ambulance Subscription Service
P.O. Box 148
Newark, De 19715

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Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Co. (Aetna Fire Company) provides first response, basic life support emergency ambulance service to part of Western New Castle County contained within its fire district. The private nonprofit fire company ambulance service, operated in the public interest, is supported by tax subsidy, cost recovery through billing private and public insurance and public fund drives. Aetna Emergency Service provides basic life support services under a contract or memo of understanding with the City of Newark and New Castle County governments. Aetna Emergency Ambulance Service is part of a New Castle County wide, dual response basic and advanced life support emergency service.


A portion of our funding is provided by an annual solicitation to our Ambulance Subscription Service. By direct mail, each spring, a membership solicitation is mailed to your home or place of business. By subscribing, you help underwrite the costs of maintaining a 24-hour basic life support service in your community. A subscription also relieves you from any financial responsibility beyond your public or private insurance in the event that you or someone living at your address uses the Aetna Emergency Ambulance Service. However, even if you are a subscriber, but another ambulance provides service, you may owe charges to that ambulance beyond insurance coverage.


In the event you are new to our area or were not included in our spring ambulance fund drive, our fund drive letter and membership application are available by clicking here. Please return your completed application along with your donation check to:

                                                Aetna Emergency Ambulance
                                                PO Box 148
                                                Newark, DE 19711-0148


Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Co. Fund Drive Committee

Click Here for the printable form to mail