Aetna Hose Hook & Ladder

Fund Drive
P.O. Box 148
Newark, De 19715

Since 1888, Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company has provided fire protection for the 27 square miles and 100,000 people of the Greater Newark area. We know  you must make careful choices about the financial gifts you give. We would be honored to have your support  again to help us continue our mission, "Service for Others". We are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit volunteer fire company (Our United Way  number is 9003) with a cadre of paid EMT personnel to assure complete 24-7  coverage. We provide fire services from four Aetna Stations. Please continue  your financial support. We are your friends and neighbors who live and work  here too. We are proud to give freely of our time, energy and special skills to  help keep you safe at home and on the job.

This year’s budget will include $8,000 per month debt service for the 2011  aerial ladder, and a $12,000 monthly payment for a 2016 Pierce Quint (75’  Aluminum Aerial) and 2016 Pierce Arrow XT Pumper Engine to be delivered  soon.  Several of our fire station building systems are coming to  the end of their operating lives and must be replaced or upgraded. We will be  replacing roofs, electrical, plumbing and heating systems in the 1922 Station  9 on Academy Street and also at the 1963 Station 8 on Ogletown Road. These capital expenses are in addition to our normal annual operating expenses. As a regular contributor, you know we appreciate your annual help. If you are  a new contributor, welcome to the Aetna family. Please write that check soon.  Your donation is tax deductible. To be sure you get proper credit for your donation, please note the amount on the larger coupon which you return with your check. Retain the small tear-off receipt for your records. This is important  if you donate through United Way.

2017-2018 Ambulance Subscription Fund Drive

It is now time to subscribe, or renew your subscription, to the Aetna Emergency Ambulance Service for 2017-2018. For your annual subscription, you are entitled to 911 emergency ambulance services for one year at no additional direct cost to you. Rather than billing you a minimum balance charge of about $400 per ambulance call, we will bill your insurance or Medicare and accept those payments as payment in full. As an ambulance subscriber, you will not be responsible for any co-pays, deductible or additional payments.

Your subscription payment covers you and any immediate family members residing at your address. The coverage includes any 911 dispatched medical emergency, 24 hours a day. The emergency service is for the Aetna Hose, Hook and Ladder Company response area, when an Aetna ambulance is used for transportation to a local hospital emergency department. Please contact a private ambulance service for non-emergency transportation needs.

The ambulance subscription year is July 1st to June 30th.

Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company is a volunteer fire company and is funded from a variety of sources. They include a tax on fire insurance premiums, State of Delaware special appropriations, public safety budget distributions from New Castle County and through donations.

For automobile rescue, Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company recovers costs through billing insurance companies. For EMS services, Aetna bills insurance companies or Medicare. For those residents who have contributed to our ambulance fund drive, your contribution is accepted as payment in full for EMS services.

Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company only solicits donations by direct mail to your home or place of business. From time to time, we may have "Boot Drives" which are clearly associated with our fire apparatus or fire prevention programs. You Will Not Receive a Telephone Solicitation from Aetna Hose, Hook & Ladder Company. Such Calls Are Scams.

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